What Makes Your Drywall Crack?

Category: Drywall Repair

Cracked Drywall Repair in New HavenYou need your home to be attractive and comfortable at all times, and the last thing you want is cracked walls. Homeowners work hard to keep their homes looking great, and cracked drywall is a very unsightly problem that’s unfortunately not easy for homeowners to repair on their own. It’s also possible that cracked drywall is a sign of a much deeper problem, so having a professional take care of the problem as soon as possible is extremely important.

At DaCosta Painting, our New Haven painting contractors can provide you with any drywall repairs and help you keep your walls in great condition at all times. We’ll make sure that the problem isn’t stemming from any larger problem, and we’ll keep your walls looking great at all times.

Here are a few of the common issues that can lead to drywall cracks:


Moisture can crop up in many different places on your drywall: the wall studs and the drywall screws are very susceptible to moisture accumulation. When moisture does collect in the areas, it can cause rusting or bacterial growth that can lead to cracks.

Heavy Wall Objects

Hanging heavy objects on your walls may put too much stress on your drywall, and they can develop visible cracks afterward. These cracks may stay hidden for a long time, and you may not discover them until the hanging objects come crashing down. If you notice small cracks in an area of your New Haven home where you’ve hung anything heavy, call a professional drywall repair contractor in New Haven as soon as possible to have the problem looked at.

House Settling

All houses start to settle at some point after they’re build, and it that settling doesn’t always occur uniformly. If some part of your New Haven home starts to settle before another, it could lead to cracks between the wall and the ceiling due to the downward movement. Our professionals can take care of these cracks quickly and accurately before they become worse.

Poor Drywall Installation

One of the most common problems that leads to drywall cracks in an improper installation. If the seams between the drywall sheets aren’t properly taped and smoothed, they can start to crack not long after they’re installed.

Next Steps

It’s important to remember that any cracks you find in your New Haven home’s drywall need to be repaired as soon as possible. These cracks will get worse over time, and they may point to much more dire problems, so waiting to have them repaired will only mean that you need more complicated and more expensive repairs in the future.

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