4 Factors to Consider When Choosing An Exterior Paint Color

Exterior PaintingIf you want to make sure your New Haven County home looks its very best, it may be time to consider having it repainted. Investing in a brand new professional exterior paint job is a great choice for adding value and curb appeal to your home. As long as you are careful to hire a qualified and dedicated New Haven painting contractor and make a smart color selection for your home, you will reap the benefits for years to come. There are several factors to weigh when trying to decide on a new exterior paint color, from the age of your home to the style of your neighborhood. For more help with your home exterior painting project, contact the expert home painters at Dacosta Painting today!

Local Ordinances

If you live in a historic district or an area that is governed by a homeowner’s association, your home may be subject to stricter-than-normal rules about its appearance. To start narrowing down your color choices, begin by investigating to see if you live in a neighborhood or community that has any local ordinances or rules on the subject. If so, you may only be able to choose from a limited selection of colors for the outside of your home.

Consider the House

Your home’s age and appearance play a part in determining what color it should be painted. If your house is small, a light colored exterior can help make it stand out and seem larger. Big houses have more flexibility, but will still seem larger when painted a light color. Darker colors can sometimes make small houses seem too small and cramped, but larger houses often look dignified and majestic in a natural shade of forest green or navy blue. Age is an important factor to consider as well as size. Historic homes often look great in shades that honor the era in which they were built. In other words, if you have a 19th or early 20th century home, it may be smart to research what exterior paint colors were popular during the era that your home was built. If that doesn’t inspire you, it could be a great idea to pick a bold color. Due to their interesting architectural details, some historic homes make great options for unique exterior colors. Victorian homes, for example, can make great candidates for bright and fun colors due to all their details.

Fit In With the Neighborhood

Your neighborhood can tell you a lot about what colors are best for your house. If all the houses in your neighborhood are traditional, neutral colors then it will be best to stay away from colors like teal or purple. If your neighborhood has a smattering of classic red, navy, and olive houses then you may be able to pick either a neutral or a respectable version of one of those shades. If your neighborhood has an eclectic ambiance, with all manner of houses and styles, you are likely to be free to go as bold (or conservative) as you choose when picking your color.

The Big Picture

Your home has many features that impact its appearance. In addition to the painted part, there may be stonework, exposed brick, a wood porch, an architecturally interesting roof, a balcony, or other details. All of that comes together with the paint to create an overall impression. Be sure to consider the existing features of your home when deciding on a paint color. Stonework, for example, may look better with some colors than others. Likewise, your landscaping may tell you something about what colors will work well for your home. Consider drawing inspiration from the nature around your home to make sure your home blends well with the rest of your property. Additionally, you have to choose accent colors in order to create an overall color scheme. One, two, or even three accent colors used on trim and other details can go a long way towards pulling together the look of your home. Make sure that your accent colors all work well together and with your primary color choice.

When you are ready to hire a New Haven County painting contractor for your exterior painting needs, reach out to the experts at Dacosta Painting to ensure a beautiful, quality paint job that you will love for years to come.